ABB Metrawatt M2004 – Digital Multimeter

I got really nostalgic, when I saw this meter for sale on ebay. It is exactly the model which we used during lab-practice in vocational school one and half decades ago. I always appreciated the system with the two rotary switches. One with the positions OFF – ON DC – ON AC, and the other to set the desired function. The battery lead was brocken when I got it and I had to solder a new one in, which gave me a great excuse to open it. While I was at it, I took some pictures of the inside. Have a look for yourself, how elaborate the casing is: German engineering in its purest form. The Successor of these meters are made by Gossen Metrawatt and I have to say that they are among the best.

Edit 12.4.2017
I just added the German manual as a PDF download. Much thanks to S Wesley for sending it to me.

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