Money Maker Movement

Recently, I find the behaviour of some companies especially in and around the maker movement rather irritating. I would like to illustrate this with the following example:

@IMakeMoneyWithAhmed #IMakeMoneyWithAhmed
It’s not surprising that companies like MicrosoftFacebook etc. have been using the Ahmed-hype for their PR-Stunts. The fact that renown universities did the same, seems sad. Well, maybe it is a sign of how hard it is to find young engineering students.
Naturally Maker Media, Inc. is also riding the Ahmed-train: “And yes, we at Make: have a vested interest in this story. We have invited Ahmed and his family to Maker Faire New York this weekend, and offered to pay for his travel.” Maker Media’s editor-in-chief proclaims in his post. This – of course – for no other purpose then Ahmed serving “as an inspiration to other young builders who may be at different parts of their own growth as Makers.”

Just my opinion
Using a minor and his unfortunate situation (having to deal with racism in his everyday-live) is ethically dubious. If a company, school or government needs something to boast about, they might want to start actively reducing all forms of discrimination within their own organisation.

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