Kikusui Model 1505 – Digital Multimeter

Here is the thing: I have a bit of a thing for multimeters. I guess there is nothing wrong about it – beside the fact that the money could also be used for something else, less geeky. But, I really like them: The stranger they are, the better! The fascination lies in their ability to visualize something invisible to the eye. From the view of human interface design it is amazing that one dial and maybe a few buttons are sufficient to operate a highly sophisticated device in order to conduct dead-on accurate measurements.

Anyhow a few weeks back, I traded a perfectly working, brand spanking new Digital Multimeter against this Kikusui 1505, which reminds me a lot of the early Fluke 8060a and 8020b meters. They share the same odd way of selecting functions and ranges by pressing the buttons on the side.
Since it is no fun to own something without knowing what is inside, I had to take it apart.

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